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Eternal Enemies

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This is my legacy.
This is my life, I know exactly how I want it to be.
Don't you dare ever tread on me.
I live and learn and I try my best to not repeat my mistakes.
They threw stones for my sins.
Which I built a castle with.
But, I wonder, will I be remembered?
For the good I've done?
Or will my name be stained forever?
I stand as living proof that if you always believe and never give up your dreams.
That anything is possible.
Don't be afraid to face the world.
They will try to say "You can't, you won't, no way."
Never listen to those who don't believe in you.
Promise me you'll fight.
Until there's nothing left.
Promise to me that you'll never give up.
Promise to me that you'll never surrender.

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