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Eternal Enemies

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It's becoming quite clear.
I dug myself a little deeper it seems and there's no way out.
What must I do just to get you off my fucking back?
Leave me alone.
I'm only human.
I never said I was perfect.
I'm saying sorry but it seems you only care for my faults.
So I'm taking it back.
Now I don't give a fuck.
You two-faced fucking coward.
Why don't you say it to my face?
I bet you won't.
Yeah you're just lucky that I'm someone with so much to lose.
I bet you won't.
Now I know better than to talk to someone who's so weak and so spineless.
Remember, without me your life doesn't mean shit.
You fucking coward.
I know you hate yourself.
Bring it.
Gimme your best shot.

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